The project : Green Gears

Round 2 … Fight!

News came today, we are qualified for the  round 2 of the Imagine Cup 2010. We wanted to share with you our enthusiasm.

Just a few numbers to say that in France, in the Game Design category, we aren’t that bad!

  • International: 695 teams including 150 qualified to round 2.
  • France: 18 teams including 9 qualified to round 2.

Good luck to the French teams! We can note that there is a large influx of teams from India, the United States, the UK and Brazil.

Here are some websites that talk about us:

  • XNA Connection
  • Webcast (in french) at Microsoft TechDays 10
  • Blog of Valentin Billotte (MVP Microsoft on XNA technology)
The project : Green Gears

Video – Trailer

In a time when technology evolves rapidly, machinery exhibits negative behavior on the small island of Nazeth. The little island, once a haven of peace, now faces problems of pollution, hunger, and disease. Our three heroes, Brain, Tomy and Ivy, have the ability to remedy these problems with their respective strengths (ingenuity, strength, and medicine). Brain returns to the island after completing his engineering training in new technologies. Tomy is a former soldier battles machines, and Ivy is the childhood friend of Brain who knows all there is about medicine and plants. Together, they will discover the origin of the mysterious behavior on the island…

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Enemy – The PackDog

Here is the packdog, the main enemy you will meet during the first mission on the Island of Nazeth. Different kind of packdogs exist with their own color, scale and skills. Some of them will bite you until the end while others spit garbages on you. Destroy them the faster you can otherwise they will pollute the environnement, but do not forget to clean the garbages and heal the environnement after this.


The project : Green Gears

Hello EveryBody !

Welcome on! This blog deals about GreenGears which is an innovative game developed by 4 french students for the 2010 Imagine Cup.